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Yang Liu

GDS Professor
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Institute for AI Industry Research
Tsinghua University


Yang Liu is the GDS Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. He is Executive Dean of Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR) and Associate Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Technology. His research interests include artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and AI for Science. He received COLING/ACL 2006 Meritorious Asian NLP Paper Award, ACL 2017 Outstanding Paper Award, ACL 2023 Outstanding Paper Award, and ICLR 2023 Outstanding Paper Award Honorable Mention. He served as Executive Committee Member of Asia-Pacific Chapter of ACL, Editorial Board Member of Computational Linguistics, and Associate Editor of ACM TALLIP.


Foundation Models for Artificial Intelligence

Directions: multilinguality, multimodality, trustworthy generation, alignment, etc.

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Autonomous Agents

Directions: tool learning, evolvable agents, internet of agents, medical agents, embodied AI, etc.

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AI for Science

Directions: molecular dynamics simulation, foundation models for molecular systems, crystal structure prediction, AI for drug discovery, etc.

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OpenChat: Advancing Open-source Language Models with Mixed-Quality Data


The OpenChat project aims to develop high-performance, commercially viable, open-source large language models. Our models learn from mixed-quality data without preference labels, delivering exceptional performance on par with ChatGPT on widely-used benchmarks, even with a 7B model that can be run on a consumer GPU (e.g., RTX 3090). As of April 2024, this project has got 5,000+ stars on GitHub.

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