BiLex: A Bilingual Lexicon Inducer From Non-Parallel Data

This software learns a bilingual lexicon from non-parallel data with the help of a small seed lexicon. The technique is described in the following paper:

Meng Zhang, Haoruo Peng, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan, and Maosong Sun. Bilingual Lexicon Induction From Non-Parallel Data With Minimal Supervision. In Proceedings of AAAI, 2017. [paper]


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Runtime Environment

This software has been tested in the following environment, but should work in a compatible one.


1. Compile the code.


2. Specify the variables in the config file. For example, if config contains the following lines:


then the data should be located in data/zh-en with file extensions zh and en.

3. Prepare data according to Step 2. Toy non-parallel data is provided, along with a Chinese-English seed lexicon with 100 word translation pairs. If your seed lexicon has more than 10000 entries, you need to modify the code by redefining MAX_LEXICON_SIZE.

4. Train and obtain the bilingual lexicon.


5. The following files will be generated in data/zh-en (the folder specified in config):