Zhiyuan Liu

PhD Students

I am looking for highly-motivated students to work with me on the area of representation learning, knowledge graphs and their applications. I will be able to take on 1 PhD student admitted in 2017 (i.e., applying this fall).


Our group is looking for highly motivated post-docs to work on natural language processing. Various types of fellowship are avaiable for outstanding applicants, such as Tsinghua Fellowship, Innovation Fellow, and Exchange Program.
The applicants should have published papers on top-tier conference / journals in NLP, AI or machine learning. Currently, there are 1-2 open post-doc positions.

Visiting Scholars

I am also looking for highly self-motivated and creative undergraduate, master and PhD students to visit our group and work with me. The visiting scholars are expected to stay for at least 6 months.

Recommendation Policy

I sincerely thank all those students who think my recommendation letters might be helpful and ask me for recommendation. To make the recommendation useful and informative, I want to apply the following rules for writing recommendation letters:
  1. For a recommendation letter to support PhD (master) program, the student should work with me for at least 9 months.
  2. For a recommendation letter to support award applications, the student should work with me for at least 6 months.
  3. Only those students who have solid achievements (system and software development, or scientific publications) will be strongly recommended.
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