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Ph.D Students

Master Students


  • 2009: Meng Zhang, Hongze Zhao, Han Zhao, Chen Liang, Cunchao Tu.
  • 2008: Sicong Zhang, Shiqi Shen, Weipeng He, Ruining Wang, Miao Fan, Min Ma, Ruiwen Yao.
  • 2007: Wenyi HuangJianzhong Chen
  • 2006: Xiaxiao Li (BUPT), Chuan Shi (Tsinghua EE).


  • Kaixu Zhang, 2007.Graduate Jul 2012. Ph.D thesis: "Study on Chinese Word Segmentation and Part-of-Speech Tagging with Compact Representations". Postdoc in Xiamen University.
  • Qixia Jiang, 2007.Graduate Jul 2012. Ph.D thesis: "Research on Approximate Similarity Search".
  • Batuer Aisha, 2007.Graduate Jul 2012.
  • Shengtao Lei, 2009. Graduate Jan 2012. Master thesis: "Design and Implementation of Uyghur Search Engine". Join ThoughtWorks.
  • Zhongguo Li, 2006. Graduate Jul 2011. Ph.D thesis: "Unified Parsing of Chinese Word Structures and Phrase Structures". Postdoc.
  • Zhiyuan Liu, 2006. Graduate Jul 2011. Ph.D thesis: "Research on Keyword Extraction Using Document Topical Structure". Postdoc in Tsinghua University.
  • Yabin Zheng, 2006. Graduate Jul 2011. Ph.D thesis: "User Behavior Analysis in Chinese Input Methods and its Applications". Join Guosen Securities.
  • Peng Wang, 2008. Graduate Jul 2011. Master thesis: "Some Research based on User Dictionary of Input Method and Query Log". Join Youdao.
  • Lixing Xie, 2009. Graduate Jul 2011. Master thesis: "Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Micro Blog using SVM". Join China Merchants Securities.
  • Xiance Si, 2005. Graduate Dec 2010. Ph.D thesis: "Content-based Recommendation and Analysis of Social Tags". Join Google.
  • Wei Qiao, 2004. Graduate Jul 2010. Ph.D thesis: "Research on Several Key Issues in Chinese Word Segmentation".
  • Wufeng Ke, 2008. Graduate Dec 2009. Master thesis: "Web-based Chinese-English Bilingual Term Extraction".
  • Hongguang Cao, 2008. Graduate Dec 2009. Master thesis: "Study on the Categorization of. Images Using Associated. Chinese Text".
  • Ting Liu, 2008. Graduate Dec 2009. Master thesis: " Web Text Filtering for Special Domain”.
  • Wei Li, 2004. Graduate Dec 2009. Ph.D thesis: "Research on the Content-based Automatic Semantic Annotation of Images". Join Yahoo Research.
  • Di Fan, 2008. Graduate Dec 2008. Master thesis: “Study on. Chinese Short-Text Classification”.
  • Shaohua Teng, 2007. Graduate Jun 2008. Master thesis: "Chinese Word Segmentation and. Short Text Classification Techniques. Based on CRFs". Join Microsoft China.
  • Jun Li, 2006. Graduate Dec 2008. Master thesis: Experimental Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Reviews". Join Comodo.
  • Jingyang Li. Graduate 2008. Ph.D thesis: Studies on Term Selection and Term Weighting in Text Categorization". Join Baidu.
  • Shu Xu. Graduate 2007. Master thesis: "Chinese Text Classification Based on Open Directory Project. Join Baidu.
  • Emile Kroeger. Graduate 2006. Master thesis: "Improving the Chinese Learner’s Dictionary with Character-based Lookup and Sentence Difficulty Evaluation". Join ubisoft.
  • Fan Sun. Graduate 2006. Master thesis: "Research on Transductive Support Vector Machines and Its Application in Text Categorization". Join University of Southern California for Ph.D.
  • Zhengcao Zhang. Gradudate 2005. Master thesis: "Content Based Automatic Extraction of Titles from Chinese Texts". Go to U.S. for Ph.D.
  • Dejun Xue. Gradudate 2004. Ph.D thesis: "A Study on Key Issues of Automated Text Categorization for Chinese Documents”. Join Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Dongliang Xu. Graduate 2004. Master thesis: "Automatic Analysis for Semantic Skeleton of Chinese Sentences. Join Baidu.
  • Tao Chen. Gradudate 2004. Master thesis: "=Word Clustering Based on Self-Organizing Map". Join Ningbo University as associate professor.
  • Hongtao Wang. Gradudate 2004. Master thesis: "Preliminary Study on Semantic Relation-Based Information Retrieval". Join Dangdang.
  • Shengfen Luo. Gradudate 2004. Master thesis: "Statistic-based two-character Chinese word extraction". Join Guangdong government.
  • Xiao Luo. Graduate 2003. Master thesis: "Preliminary Study on Covering Ambiguity Resolution and Unknown Word Recognition in Chinese Word Segmentation".
  • Xiaohua Liu. Graduate 2002. Master thesis: "A study of Chinese Search Engine based on Word Segmentation". Join MSRA.
  • Yun Xiao. Graduate 2001. Master thesis: "Preliminary study on resolution of covering ambiguities in chinese word segmentation. Join Yahoo US.
  • Hongna Lu. Gradudate 2000. Master thesis: "Issue of feature selection in chinese text retrieval". Join Morgan Stanley.
  • Zhengping Zuo. Gradudate 1998. Master thesis: "Some lssues in chinese word segmentation".
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